A Map Without Your Shadow

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This collection of poetry charts the arc of a marriage, from the formation of the relationship and building a dreamed-of life together, through cycles and years of emotional abuse, and then into and through divorce and its healing aftermath. It grapples unflinchingly with deception, loss, love, heartbreak, and ultimately finding a path to wholeness and healing.

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this text charts the arc of a marriage – not to memorialize, but to enzymatically dissolve it, to integrate, to alchemize it into something useful, like compost. tempting though it is to set the past on fire when we do not like what it shows, the fact is that erasing the past condemns us to repeat it, and the last thing i would want to do is go through this again – or to fail to shed light on it. my hope is that my words help someone else, or many someone elses, to see their own struggle more clearly, to to integrate their grief and loss and change, or to help sort out what they are looking for, what they need, whatsoever it may be. poetry at its best crystalizes moments into something that can carry the weight of our hardest, strongest feelings, and those most nuanced.

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